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HEALTH STATION was established and founded on July 17, 1997, with a mission “TO MAKE EVERY HOME A HEALTHY HOME”. It is also geared towards creating employment and offer its employees and sales force a better life by inculcating in them good moral and spiritual values to guide them in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

HEALTH STATION design and packages complete home therapy programs for patients who are suffering from arthritis, soaring sugar level, hypertension and even those who are still healthy and wants to live a better and healthy lifestyle. These complete home therapy program are innovative and will potentially revolutionize the existing health services industry in the Philippines today.

The company aims to establish a dynamic market present in each of the country’s 11 regions where a tremendous need for its unique brand of services have been tested and identified through DIRECT SELLING concept via medical missions.

This system conceptualized by HEALTH STATION gives the company a distinctive and competitive edge with its complete home therapy program through its Imported Therapy Machines. An excellent product that will provide good health to further boost its clientele’s health reserves. Great opportunities and quality products in harmony with nature and good health. Fast delivery and therefore immediate enjoyment of benefits by the patient/client.

Moreover, the concept of HEALTH STATION offers a lot of opportunities to enterprising individuals; We also generate employment in the communities where we are in the process of establishing branches.

2012. We will make every home a healthy home!
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